How Does My Body Compare to a Car

If your body and car go head-to-head, there are some areas where your body wins. Sometimes, your body doesn’t win, that’s when you call Bend Spinal Care for a check-up. Check out these amazing stats:

  • Car: The average Car has 30,000 parts.
  • Body: The average body has 37.2 trillion cells (parts).
  • Car: Your car spends 52 hours a year stuck in Oregon traffic.
  • Body: You spend 52 hours a year stuck in traffic in Oregon, but if you are an average car owner, you’ll only have your car for about six years, so your body has your car beat!
  • Car: The vehicle with the highest recorded mileage covered 2,850,000 miles.
  • Body: The human body with the highest mileage covered was an astronaut who traveled 337,428,000 miles – no contest!
  • Car: 95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked.
  • Body: Your body only spends 33% of its lifetime “parked” while sleeping – more time awake and active doing the things you love equals a win for your body.
  • Car: The average engine overhaul of a car costs $4,000.
  • Body: The average heart surgery, which is a major overhaul of your body, is well over 100,000. Your body is priceless!

Just like you change the oil on your car, your body also needs maintenance care. Call today for a check-up and stop avoiding the tightness, aching and pain you’ve felt for months.

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