The Newest Chiropractic Technology

The Newest Chiropractic Technology


Your chiropractor uses the latest chiropractic technology in caring for you using the Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument®. This patented and FDA-registered device was developed to provide gentle and precise computer-aided chiropractic adjustments to relieve pain and restore function. Our physicians are able to provide manual manipulation, drop table adjusting, and/or the IQ Adjusting Instrument®. There are many patients that do not prefer the "popping" or "cracking" that occurs with manual chiropractic manipulation. This is why we provide multiple, pain-free, highly effective Chiropractic alternatives.

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Impulse iQ® thrusts at the ideal frequency of your spine to maximize motion while changing frequencies in real-time congruently as motion improves. Impulse iQ® has patented Auto-Sense® technology (computer chip) that senses when mobility is maximized, ceasing the adjustment, and provides feedback of the patient's response to the adjustment.

Our patients enjoy the option of manual manipulation or the Impulse iQ®. Please speak to our doctors about the benefits of each.

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How Impulse iQ® Works

Functionality and Performance ... Simply

The unique functionality and performance of the new Impulse iQ® Adjusting Instrument shines with simplicity. Apply it to the dysfunctional area, and the instrument thrusts at the ideal frequency to maximize motion. Frequencies change in real-time congruently as motion improves.


Impulse iQ® has patented Auto-Sense® technology that senses when mobility is maximized ceasing the adjustment, then provides feedback of the patient’s response to the adjustment. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace at any price point.

iQ® ... Adjust to the Frequency.


Wondering how the Impulse iQ® differs from other so-called ‘computerized’ adjusting instruments? Learn about the research, validation, and technology that sets iQ® apart from the rest.

The ability to objectively quantify spinal motions is of great interest to not only chiropractors, but to anyone who examines the spine. Dr. Colloca explained, "For years, chiropractors and physical therapists have used motion palpation during clinical assessments of their patients. The problem, however, is that our own kinesthetic senses aren't good enough to detect normal from abnormal, which is why the reliability studies are so poor with the qualitative motion palpation techniques. Using a sensor mounted inline with a stylus, using an instrument we can probe the spine and quantify its stiffness using numbers that are reliable and valid. I think that this truly will be thefuture of physical examination not only in chiropractic, but across healthcare disciplines from PT to Orthopedics."

Our Services


Our experienced team of massage therapists and chiropractic physicians are knowledgeable in spinal injuries and chiropractic adjustments and treatments. The purpose of massage therapy and spinal adjustments is to return the spine and muscles to a natural state of health, to reduce pain, muscle spasms, and nerve irritation, so you can enjoy your life pain-free.


Our team at Bend Spinal Care understands the stress and pain patients are in following auto accidents. We analyze, diagnose, and create an individualized treatment plan of chiropractic care and massage for whiplash and soft tissue injuries. Your chiropractic physicians will thoroughly explain your treatment and update your insurance on your behalf. There is no referral needed as our doctors are qualified physicians.


Most work injuries are caused by overuse and repetitive stress injuries. Over time, small tasks done with poor posture can lead to acute and chronic pain, which can result in reduced worker productivity, lost time from work, disability, and an inability to perform job tasks.


Our Chiropractic Physicians will use palpation, orthopedic testing, and neurological testing to determine your specific diagnosis. Once the doctor has determined your diagnosis, he will explain it to you. If you should have any questions regarding your diagnosis, please ask the doctor for further information.


Cold Laser Therapy is a new medical treatment that uses low-level lasers. This drug-free therapy stimulates damaged tissues, which hastens to heal, reduces pain and inflammation. The healing and relief provided by cold lasers are due to several mechanisms. It triggers the body to heal itself and stimulates the mitochondria, which encourages regeneration and cell repair. The laser can penetrate up to four inches into the tissue to promote healing right at the source of the injury. It provides relief from arthritis by eliminating pain and reducing inflammation. It also helps increase joint mobility and improves immune cell efficiency.


Are you experiencing nerve pain?  Our physicians will perform an extensive examination to find the source of your nerve pain, diagnose and give a specific treatment plan.  Nerve pain can come from numerous sources ranging from spinal compression to peripheral compression.  As nerve compression can cause lasting effect to the body and the nerve it is important to receive diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. 

At Bend Spinal Care, we use computerized traction/decompression to treat disc and various nerve entrapments.  Spinal decompression allows your disc to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce pressure on nerves, and stretch healing scar tissue so that the disc returns to normal function. We have treated thousands of patients with disc pain and nerve pain with traction/spinal decompression, average 90%+ reduction of pain, and full return to normal activities.


Rehabilitation is an important part of the healing process; it aids in strengthening and returning muscles and joints to their normal movements. At Bend Spinal Care, we work with your body to get you back to the activities you love.  We have modalities such as Motion Guidance Laser Therapy, ultrasound therapy, electro-muscular stimulation, red light therapy, computerized traction, laser therapy and therapeutic exercise.  After our physicians have diagnosed your condition, they will match the appropriate therapy and treatment plan.  Please ask about our therapies.